A friend of mine challenged me to design a pair of FIREFLY themed converse. I took the challenge seriously and this is what I came up with.

Brown as the base color with Jayne’s hat colors as the inspiration for the accents.

Though now, I would maybe put “Shiny” or “Serenity” or “Browncoat” where “Firefly” is.

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In honor of this latest casting news for ARROW, I thought I’d share some call sheet info from when Brandon Routh appeared on CHUCK.

Now don’t get me wrong, I detested Shaw for what he did to Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. But I loved all the Superman references they made while he was on the show.

I will try to hold off judgement for now. But I’m not liking the idea of his character being a love interest for Felicity.

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CASTLE Season 6, Episode 10: “The Good, The Bad & The Baby

On Location in Downtown Los Angeles.

Photos of the episode and the scenes I watched them film right before my eyes.

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JUNE 2014

I visited the Sony Studios Lot today in Culver City for a fitting for a TV show.

I had some time to kill while I waited so I walked around a bit.

I’m a huge fan of Cary Grant, so it was very exciting for me to see these murals and find the Theatre.

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Steampunk Art Project

Painting a water gun.

It took a couple of days to complete. I’m very proud of my creation.

1 Toy Water Squirter

Silver and Gold Paint Pens Copper paint
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Behind the Scenes on the set of the MIKE & MOLLY casino episode: THE DICE LADY COMETH (Season 4, Episode 16).

I’ve worked on M&M a few times but this was the first time I got to work on a show in front of a live studio audience. It was a thrilling experience. The reception from the Studio Audience was overwhelming and exciting. It was something that I never thought I’d actually enjoy doing and when I was given the opportunity, I loved every minute of it.

I’m okay being a background actor. I don’t have to be front and center. But I do like to see if I can find myself when episodes air.

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Yes, I still buy toys and play with them! Kid at heart! DisNERD!

Johnny Worthington, Toothless Dragons and Grrr Argh Monsters.

  • Question: I'm a huge fan of CM so I was just wondering, what is it like to be a background actor on a show like that? - allaboardtogublerland
  • Answer:

    They are a fantastic cast and crew. Everyone is really nice and every time I’ve worked on it I’ve had a great experience.

    I’ve had the opportunity to work on the show 3 times. I worked on Season 8, Episode 21: Nanny Dearest as a cop. And then on Season 9, Episode 2: The Inspired as a cop again. And more recently, on Season 9, Episode 18: Rabid as a Looky Loo at a crime scene in the park.

    The first time I was booked as a Cop and spent 12 hours with the production on Location. It was May in LA but when the sun went down, I was cold. Shemar Moore was super nice. He told me he could raise a fuss for me to get me a jacket or a blanket or something to stay warm. It was an awesome moment. I love playing a cop. I’ve now gotten to play a Cop on 3 different TV shows for a total of 4 times.

    The 2nd time I worked on the show, it was a short day. Only 4 hours for me. But we were on one of their stages, which I was excited about. I didn’t have any interaction with any of the actors but I still loved being on set.

    And my most recent time on set, I was a Looky Loo. It was a slightly rainy day on location. So we had to take minor breaks to wait for the rain. It was a 12 1/2 hour day on set. Long day, but enjoyable because I made friends with some of the other background actors.

    It was also fun because as a Looky Loo they were allowing us to have our phones out to “take pictures” of the scene. My phone was taken over by one of the kids in the scene. And let me tell you, kids get away with anything on set. So the pics I have of Matthew and Shemar posing for the camera are because this sweet little girl had my phone. She took over 70 photos with my phone. The production knew she was taking pictures and even came over to put black tape over the Apple logo on my phone so it wouldn’t appear in the shot. But allowed her to continue taking photos. I was shocked by this because usually that is not allowed. But I got some great souvenirs from that day on set.

    I can’t wait to work on it again and I hope that I am given the opportunity.

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APRIL 28, 2014

NEIGHBORS World Premiere in Westwood.

Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were among the celebs to attend the premiere and sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

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APRIL 10, 2014

TRANSCENDENCE Premiere in Westwood.

My mission on going to this Premiere was to get a photo of Johnny Depp for my 14 year old niece, who is a HUGE fan! I succeeded in one better, I got her an autograph. A birthday present (which she thoroughly enjoyed and is still in shock at receiving).

It was absolute MADNESS! Not only were there fans there but also autograph hounds (I CAN’T STAND THEM!!!) I was crushed when Johnny made his way down the line to sign autographs because I was in the front. I couldn’t even see him when he was standing in front of me. There were too many hands, posters, DVDs etc shoved in front of my face. I held my Edward Scissorhands card in front of me hoping, praying that maybe I’d get it signed. And I succeeded.

I had to look online to see what way was up with Johnny’s autograph. To me, the “D” in Depp looks like a swashbuckling sword.

When I go to premieres, I honestly don’t really care about the autograph. It’s a bonus in my book. I’d rather get a picture and more than that, I’d rather get a picture with some of the stars.

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MARCH 2014

Life of a Background Actor!

A night of crime in the city of Los Angeles on new TV Pilot for TNT. I was booked as an Officer of the LAPD. It was a Night shoot. We wrapped at 3:30 AM.

I’ve worked a lot of night shoots and I love them. It can be A LOT of fun and it can be exhausting. But I get a thrill out of working on TV/Film productions.

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The first time that I worked on GREY’S ANATOMY, I played a Nurse.

The 2nd time I was a passenger at the airport and the 3rd time I was a patient in the Season 10 Finale.

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20th Century FOX Studios in Century City

The only way to check out the FOX Lot is to either work on it or go see a taping of a TV Show. I have been fortunate that I’ve gotten to do both. These photos are from the various times I’ve walked around the lot on days that I worked there.

Every time I work on a show at the FOX Lot, I walk by Nakatomi Plaza and the huge DIE HARD fan in me freaks out. EVERY. TIME.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on and around the lot. I actually sat in front of the Royal Diner for a new TV Show pilot, but the show covered all Royal Diner signs. I have worked on BONES but both times we were On Location.

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Behind The Scenes on the set of THE MENTALIST.

Life of a Background Actor! Oh the things you find and see on TV Sets.

I found some interesting props ‘for sale’ at a Church Yard Sale in the scene I was working on at the Warner Brothers Ranch in Burbank one cold December day. The Props for the scene were really creepy to be found at a Church.

Some neglectful parent left “Mullet Baby” behind at my coffee cart.

The boxing gloves and mask were worn by Simon Baker during a take of one of a scene. He put them on and walked around in the distance at the Yard Sale. Unfortunately that take was not used in the final cut.

And then there were baby doll body parts at the yard sale. Fascinating and very creepy!

It really is fascinating to see all the thought put into what props make it on set. If I remember correctly, you never really saw any of this stuff up close in the episode except for the Trailer that Patrick Jane drives on/off screen.

This was from Season 6, Episode 13: Black Helicopters.

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Life of a Background Actor!

I’ve worked on CRIMINAL MINDS 3 times so far. Twice I’ve played a Cop and once I was a Looky Loo at a Crime Scene.

Here are some pics of my Badge & Gun when I played LAPD and my patch on my uniform when I played Glendale (AZ) PD.